NFA finals! Vote now!

It's time to vote one last time for the Next Fashion Artist!


It was nice to do a male outfit for a change and I made a matching outfit for females.

Not only males can wear suits - now your ladies can wear a feminine version of the pantsuit! Featuring an embroidered seam, the pants are playful yet professional. The top (also looking fabulous with patterns) features elegant folds and a blazer that closes with one embellished button. Zoom in really close ingame to see it ;)

Your males can show off their style with a polo-shirt worn under an open jacket. Bold stitches catch the eye and give that little extra detail. You decide if they contrast or blend into the background - everything is recolorable!

Weather worn to work (career-enabled) with Jeans (as everyday) or for the next big social event (formalwear), your sims will always look chic :)



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