What you can expect of my downloads:

  • Quality! I always make sure to deliver good quality. If there are flaws, I'll tell you about it. 
  • Maxis match! My textures are mostly a blend of textures from the game and handdrawn textures.
  • Custom thumbnails! I always include custom thumbnails for CAS so you can see which content is  mine.
  • Versatility! I include as many recoloring options as possible and use overlays only where they are absolutely necessary. My patterns are recolorable and come in different sizes and orientations.
  • List of requirements! I will list requirements of my creations (expansion packs, other downloads...).
    If nothing is listed, the creation is basegame compatible.
  • Morphs! My meshes all have thin/muscular/fat morphs. I'll mention custom pregnant morphs explicitly.
  • LODs! All of my meshes have proper Level of Detail meshes.
  • Both formats! My stuff comes in sims3pack and package format (whenever possible), so you can choose your favorite.

If you like my downloads and want to help keep this site running, please consider a donation. Thank you!