Who's behind Simlicious? Anna-Lena, thirty-something, from Germany. Socially awkward, nerdy, sweet,  perfectionistic, 100% a cat person. Besides polishing pixels, she loves to bake and cook (and eat), has an obsession with beautifying nails (she loves to arrange her vast nailpolish collection into beautiful gradients and finding new storage solutions for her stamping plates).
She loves to fiddle around in Photoshop and is using her beloved Wacom Inutos 4 tablet to create new textures for her Custom Content projects. Other tools she uses to create CC for the Sims games include Blender, Balancer Lite, TSR Workshop, The Sims Studio, Meshing Toolkit, S3OC, S3PE and S4PE.
She spends a lot of time and diligence to create items of high quality. She wants her content to be versatile and includes lots of variations for maximum customizablity. It is important to her that her creations have no bugs or flaws and are suitable for lag-free gameplay.