My Custom Content Policy

TOU for Simlicious' TS3 Content

Last Update: February 3, 2023 - Early Access now allowed

There are multiple versions of my TOUs around, the newest/current one that is displayed on my website (which you are reading right now) is the one that applies.

First of all, thank you for downloading my Sims 3 Custom Content. I really appreciate your support! I spend a lot of time making my custom content and offer it to you for free. In return, I ask that you please respect my TOU. Please read it carefully.

You are not allowed to:

  • Upload anything containing my creations to pay sites (that includes TSR, Patreon supporter-only creations, adfly/paywalled links, donation content or similar business models, basically any in which the user has to give or generate money before being able to download the creation).
  • Upload anything containing my Sims 3 creations to the EA Exchange! Custom content quickly becomes untraceable there.
  • Reupload my downloads anywhere for sharing purposes! If you want to tell someone about my creations, please link to my site so that people use the download links that I provide. Should anything be unavailable or a download link broken, please contact me and let me know (you'll find my contact info at the bottom of this text).
  • In case I should ever go completely MIA without giving out any info for years, you may contribute to re-upload any lost files and keep my legacy alive (but only then! And don't forget to build me a shrine in your backyard... just kidding!)
  • Charge money for something that contains my creations! Do not use adfly or similar services to gain money off of my creations.
  • Convert or alter or create derivative works from any of my creations without my permission.
  • Upload a creation that contains my CC anywhere without giving me credit. Credit means mentioning Simlicious and linking to my website or my tumblr, ideally directly to the download page of the creation you are including in your download.

You are allowed to:

  • Include my custom content with sims, houses or worlds you upload, but your creation must be downloadable for free (no adfly links, no paywall (early access up to 3 weeks is allowed), no subscriber-only content) and you must give me credit (mention my name and add a link back to my site; either my website at or my tumblr,
  • Include my patterns in your CC creations, but make sure to credit me properly.
  • Display my content in screenshots/stories/legacies/lookbooks/your own CC presentations etc. Credit is appreciated (a mention or a tag for example), but not mandatory.




Please ask me if:

  • You want to make a derivative work based on my sims 3 creations (reuse or edit a texture, use my meshes and so on). If I like your idea and you have my blessing, the other terms still apply (give proper credit, do not upload to paysites, etc.)!


If you want to contact me, try:

my tumblr:
my website:
my email: simlicious[at]
my facebook fanpage: