My Custom Content Policy

This is important, please read this if you download any of my creations!


Creating Custom Content is a lot of work and is time consuming. I love doing it, but many hours go into making one single creation. Please honor my efforts by respecting my terms of use!

Many thanks!


you may not/do not:

  • upload anything containing my creations to pay sites (including TSR)
  •  upload anything containing my creations to the EA Exchange! It's madness over there.
  • do not reupload my downloads anywhere for sharing purposes! If you want to tell someone about my creations, put a link to my site so that people use the download links that I provide!
  • it is not allowed to charge money for something that contains my creations! Do not use adfly or similar services to gain money off of my creations!
  • upload something that contains my creations anywhere without giving me credit (please mention my name and link back to this website)

  you may:

  • include my custom content in sims3pack format with sims or houses you upload, if the sites host free content only and you give me credit (mention my name and add a link back to my site)
  • display my content in screenshots/stories/legacies/lookbooks etc. Credit is appreciated, but not mandatory.
  • ask if you want to make a derivative work off of my creations (retexture them, use my meshes etc.) I want to see what you do with them :) If I like your idea and if you give me full credit and link back to my original creation, chances are good that I give you my blessing for publication!  Once you have permission, please upload these altered creations to free sites only!