Advent Calendar 2023 Collection

The Advent calendar is now downloadable as a full collection here!

Advent Calendar 2023

This year's Advent Calendar is live!
From December 1st to December 24th, download a little surprise everyday. Just click the button for the current day in the calendar!

For your convenience, the calendar can be accessed from the navigation bar on top of this site. Or just click here.


Simblreen 2023 Pattern Set

My Simblreen treat for this year is a set of 28 spooky patterns, mostly inspired by Tim Burton's animated movies.


Traditionally Woven Linen Plaid Pattern Set

YOU DID IT! Thanks to your generous donations, I now have the 264 € to cover the next 2 years of website hosting.

As a way to show my appreciation, I present this gorgeous collection of linen fabrics, made completely from scratch by me.



Made with Love Pattern Set

This is my birthday gift to all of you (since it is a bit too late for Valentine's Day)!


A Simlicious Advent 2021

A special treat: my Advent Calendar from 2021 in one easy-to-download collection! Click on the image above to visit the download page.


Advent Calendar 2022

The calendar has ended, click here to download the content!

My Advent Calendar for this year is live! Click the image above to go to the calendar website.
Come back every day for 24 days to get a new goodie for your Sims 3 game!

If you want to show your appreciation, you could donate to help me finance my website. More info here.


Wild and Vibrant Pattern Collection

My newest pattern collection is now available. A motley assortment of 66 vibrant patterns await you!

Click on the image to go to the download page.


Hexagon Tiles Pattern Set

On this Love Day, I gift you a true labor-of-love-project.
A special set of patterns which form a cool hexagon-style floor mosaic!

Download here


Now Accepting Pattern Commissions

I am now offering commissions to help raise money for the annual website fee.
Commission patterns will be made available for free to everyone! No paywalls.
For more details, visit my  commissions page on ko-fi!


Advent Calendar

My first simlish advent calendar is here!
Click on the link in the navigation or use this one to get to it: Click!
Info: The calendar has ended, but you can find the downloads here for now.


Spooktacular Pattern Collection

My simblreen treat is now available for everyone :) enjoy!


Denim Pattern Collection

The time has come to share this special collection with you. I worked on this a lot, this might be my most tweaked collection ever, but all that editing really paid off! I am very proud how these patterns turned out and I hope you like them just as much as I do :)
Click on the image or here to go to the download page.


Textured Clothing Fabrics Collection

Annual Fundraiser

Why ask for donations?

My website is not free. My web hoster has increased the prices by 80%, from 60 € annually to 108 €! I need your support more than ever.
If I were to stop paying the website, I would lose my short URL and all links to my creations would be broken. Also, you would start to see ads on this site. Since I use a heavily edited custom template, there is a big chance that my website will be broken, as I am not sure custom templates are still supported in the free model that my web hoster provides. In short, I really, really do not want this to happen!

I would much rather keep this site alive instead of having to spend time refreshing my website building skills and design a new website, while also being showered with wcif's due to tons of broken urls. Also, there are so many wonderful comments all over my site that you left there for me to read, and they still bring so much joy to me and motivate me to create more! I would hate to see all that history go away.

What is in it for you?
For starters, an ad-free site with easy access to all my custom content creations. You can use an easy-to-memorize URL. Furthermore, you can click any third-party link on CC finds sites that link directly to my site. Finally, you help me to maintain my website and I can focus on creating new custom content!



Christmas Pattern Collection Vol. 3


New Download: Medieval Queen Dress

It's been a long time since I uploaded anything and I'm super proud to announce a new clothing download!
Click on the preview picture to go to the download page.


Donation Drive 2019

It is that time of the year... my website costs are due and I could really use your support.

Donate here!

I know I have not done a major update in a long time. If you follow me on tumblr, you know I have struggled with health issues in the past few years. I just do not want to give up! I just released a brand-new pattern collection and I want to continue working on new things and update some of my older stuff.

Why ask for donations?
I provide an ad-free site (who has that anymore?), and have an easy-to-memorize URL. If I were to stop paying the website, I would lose the URL, all links to my creations would be broken and you would see annoying ads on this site. I really, really do not want this to happen! If you like my downloads, please consider making a small donation. The annual cost for the website is 60€.

What do I get out of it?

You get to enjoy an ad-free site with high quality custom content downloadable for free and without any paywalls. You can use any third party link to find direct links to my downloads. You help me to maintain my website and pave the way for future content updates!

You find the paypal link on this site.

Thank you so much for your support!!!

Shiny new metal pattern collection available now!

Download my new metal pattern collection! Its is pretty special, as it features custom speculars. Hope you enjoy!

Lace Pattern Collection - thanks for your donations!

My newest pattern collection is here. 40 lace patterns!

This is collection is a special thank you for all donators who participated/want to participate in my currently running donation drive this year. If you want to donate, click here.

to the download


Fall Pattern Collection

Just in time for Halloween: my Fall Pattern Collection. Enjoy :)


A few good reasons to follow my simblr


 discover exclusive downloads that you won't find anywhere else!


read my tips and tutorials regarding CC creation and ask

me for help if you have problems with your meshes!


view exclusive wip and preview pics!

get to know me and learn about my other hobbies...


Cath Kidston Pattern Collection







Are you ready for spring?
With this special edition pattern Collection featuring patterns by London-based designer Cath Kidston, you will be in no time! Enjoy the fresh vintage colors and fabulous shabby chic designs! As usual, these are recolorable!

More pics and download here.


Fur and Leather Pattern Collection

To celebrate the new year, have a huge collection of fur and leather patterns :)
Download here


Christmas Themed patterns Vol. 2!









My Christmas gift for this year is here!
A shiny, brand-new pattern collection with 21 themed patterns that will get your sims through the holidays in style.


Donation Drive

To keep my website and my downloads ad-free, I need your help to cover my webhosting each year, which are 60 Euros.
Should the donations exceed the subscription costs, the rest of the money will go to resources I need to make CC, such as computer hardware and my energy bill, and maybe a sims 4 addon/gameplay pack.
I'm a broke college student, so every help is appreciated!

If you want to donate, please click here!
Even a small amount can make a difference. Thank you so much for your support ❤


Halloween Pattern Collection

My halloween pattern collection is now available!

24 patterns to enjoy the spooky season :)

Go to the download page


New site design in the works!

I am working on a fresh, new look for my website. In Jimdo, site design changes are occuring live, so you may witness the changes. During this time, you won't be able to access all pages correctly. And pages might look weird or are not working properly. Don't worry, once everything is in place, you can access the site again normally! Thanks for your patience and understanding :)


Suede Boots with Plumbbob Chains

Today, I have a new pair of boots for your female sims!
More infos here


New download: Wood Pattern Collection Vol. 2!

63 new, unusual wood patterns are waiting for you!
Grab them here.


Ruffled Shirt for Teens

The pic (almost) says it all!


Go to the download page


My creative simming history

I created  a history of my adventures in the custom content creating department in chronological order.


You can read it here.

I hope you enjoy it :)


New Download: Carpet Pattern Collection

The long-awaited carpet pattern set is finally here! 51 fine carpet patterns of all kinds of textures and styles.

Have fun with them!


Details and download here


Time to revive this website with a new creation!

It's been a looong time since I put a creation up for download at my website.

Actually, most of the fun is happening at my tumblr nowadays, so if you never visited, be sure to check it out and grab all the tumblr-exclusive downloads :)

But now, on to my new creation:

I present the cropped patchwork jeans for your sim ladies!

Relaxed and stylish at the same time... and available for maternity :)


Download here


Donation Drive 2014

Donation Drive for my website

It's that time of the year again - the money for my website is due! If you would like to help me pay the costs (60 euros), please take a look at my donate button at my website.
You can also just click at the picture to go directly to paypal :)

Why am I asking for donations?

I have a website subscription at jimdo. It has a great CMS and I get my own .com url ( There are no advertisements (yay) and some great customization options.
I have big plans with my site (haven't updated it in a long time), although it may take a while to implement them.
I have not and will not use adfly links. I think they are very annoying and in some instances dangerous and by clicking, you are generating money for that person, if you want to or not. It gets abused in so many ways, many don't even warn you/say that they use adfly and you never know how much money they are gaining this way.
I ask for donations so you can decide how much and when you want to give. The donate button is there year-round (maybe too hidden), but I only advertise it once a year.

The goal is to raise 60 euros.
Last year, I raised 1/3 of the costs and was very happy about it too :)

Thanks for considering a donation this year. No matter how small the amount, I am grateful for every cent!
If you can't donate, spreading the word helps too!


Default Replacement Eyes with Custom Teeth!

I am sharing my personal realistic-looking default replacement eyes with you by request :)
They come with a nice custom teeth replacement.


Check them out here!





Important update of my Ankle Boots!

Important Update!

you downloaded the boots between May 5, 2013 and July 28, 2013, please redownload! I accidentally updated an old, flawed version as outerwear and just noticed it by chance. It's corrected now, I am very sorry!!

go here to download the updated version


New download: Yoga Set for (young) adult females

Escape the stressful everyday life and relax a little with this set of lightweight and comfortable clothing!
The Set Includes cropped pants and a top with wide bat-like sleeves, available as separates.




Go to the download page


Babydoll Tees for Teens and Young Adult Females

I've got a cute new top uploaded at Modthesims!
Go over there
to download  it :)


New Set: Dangling Coral Jewellry!

With Isla Paradiso on the horizon, make sure your sims arrive there in style! How about putting on this coral jewellry set?

Fabulous for a day at the beach!




I added a new tutorial: Custom thumbnails for non-basegame clothes and accessories.

Have a look at the tutorial section, you find English and German tutorials!

Auf meiner Tutorial-Seite findet ihr auch deutsche Tutorials! Schaut sie euch hier an.


Dangling Glass Mushroom Earrings!

Hello! Today, you'll get one of my first meshed accessories!
A pair of earrings made of glass beads. I hope you like them :)


Download here


New Patterns - Elaborate Knits!

The most beautiful clothes are those handmades - knitted, crocheted, sewn... nothing store-bought can compete with that. Now, your sims can have the exquisite hand-made feel on their clothes as well! Beautiful, elaborate knitting designs for cozy pullovers and warm coats. Or how about some light lace for that cute summer cardigan?


I know you can't resist... grab them here!


Updated Content!

There is now a separate version of my Soft Moccassins which is outerwear-enabled. You can find it under the normal download buttons HERE


I also made my Ankle Boot "Amy" outerwear-enabled, as well as makeover-enabled and maternity-enabled! Since the boots are not marked for random, I replaced the updated version with the old version. Simply redownload and deinstall/replace the oldversion with the new one. They can be found HERE


Enjoy and stay tuned for another surprise :)


Moar Custom Content!

Maybe some of you know that I have a tumblr account. I post news, works in progress and other stuff there, so if you're interested then go and follow me!
If you don't have a tumblr, you can still read my tumblr feed that is available on my website under the news category.


Another good reason to follow my tumblr is that I post exclusive downloads there!

They are only available through tumblr and are not uploaded anywhere else.

I have some stuff there that I don't create regularly - poses, contacts, even objects. So check them out :)


On a side note, my birthday is coming up (it's the 22nd) and if you like, you can give me a small gift by making a donation! I still need money to pay for the servers/subscription. So far, I have received one third of the costs  (40 more euros to go) and it's due in three weeks.
That would make me very happy :)


Wintery-Warm Tights for the ladies

I have no less than seven pairs of beautiful knitted tights for your female Sims! They are variations inside one creation, so they won't crowd your accessory category.




New Download: Vokuhila Dress Set!

That was a though one I had a lot of trouble converting this dress for teens and I remade the morphs a bazillion times to fix clipping issues and open seams. I'm so glad it is done now :)


I let the picture speak for itself! You'll get more details on the download page :)


vokuhila dress



Sorry for the lack of updates...

I'm a bitt off my game lately. My grandpa died last week and I was in the hospital with him that day. Yesterday we went to the funeral service. I managed to say some things about my grandpa in front of the people (I'm really nervous about speaking in front of crowds).

I feel the urge to create stuff to ease the pain and distract me and if I manage that you'll get some new stuff soon.


As if that wasn't enough, there is still that money to raise for the server cost and the deadline is fastly approaching. If you'd like to help me out, you could make a donation so I can pay for the server costs. I have to pay in 3 weeks and have only raised one third of the money so far. I still need 40 euros (about 55 dollars). I am very grateful even for small amounts!

Thank you!


Klick here to go to the donate page


Exchanging Banners!

I have gotten several requests from other sims blogs to exchange banners, I didn't respond right away because I had to think about if I want to have all kinds of links, if I should only allow sims clothing  blogs or what. But I don't want to discriminate, so I decided to accept all requests, so long as the websites are sims websites that contain sims 3 downloads.

I accidentally deleted some request mails :( so if you would be so kind to send your request again, maybe with a link to your banner/button, that would be great!

You can find my links and banners here.


Abstract Pattern Collection - now available

My next pattern collection is available for download! This time, I have 42 abstract patterns for you!


Enjoy :)


Download here


Donation Drive

You may know that I'm a student and thus do not have a lot of spare money. In March I have to pay the server rent, which is 60 Euros - that's a lot of money for me. I will only eat spaghetti for weeks if this is what it takes to pay the costs, but if you want to help me out a little, I would really appreciate it!

I rather ask you for a bit of support once a year and keep my site ad-free and my downloads adfly-free so you don't get advertisements shoved in your face - no one likes them.


I will keep sharing my content for free no matter how much is donated or not!


I will really be forever grateful if you do donate something!

Every little bit helps, really.





  19 Euros/60 Euros donated.

41 Euros more to reach the goal.

Thank you so much for donating!

thank you very much for your kindness!


Christmas Themed Patterns

Since the Sims want to celebrate, too, I brought you festive and wintery themed patterns for that holiday spirit.

If you like Norway Knit patterns, you'll like this pattern pack! There are lots of colorful knitted patterns - all recolorable and seamless.




Relaunch: Stylish Comfort Jeans - plain and destroyed versions!

Since my Stylish Comfort Jeans set reached "star status" on MTS (it is a picked upload now, yay!) I decided to make a relaunch of them here on my website for those who like to have the sims3pack version as well. For the relaunch, I fixed the jeans so there is no more seam! So these are NEW and IMPROVED! There are two versions of the jeans: a plain one and a destroyed one. Wearable by females teen to elder!

The fixed versions are also available at Modthesims (but only as packages).


I hope you enjoy!






New Themed Patterns!

Hi :)

I am still in my pattern creation phase ( I will return to clothing creation eventually, don't worry).

I actually wanted to make one big pattern pack with all patterns I have left but as I sorted through them, I noticed that I had enough to make some more categorized sets. So, have this themed set for now :)


I will make my new pattern packs available as a combined package for your convenience. Old pattern packs have been updated with a link to the combined packages. Now might be a good time to check out my fabric, knit and wood patterns :)


By the way, if you want to stay informed about new stuff, you can follow me on tumblr.



Download here



New fabric pattern collection!

I told you there would be more... and here you go, have 60 more miscellaneous fabric patterns!

These are some of my previously unpublished ones and also new ones I created recently.
Be it denim fabric, terry cloth,  classic fabrics like checkers, houndstooth or pinstripes, glitter, lace, quilted fabric, printed fabric,  I have them all!
Like usual, they are fully recolorable. Due to the problem with not working sims3packs, this pack will be available only in package format. But there is a combined package version available!


download here


Happy Halloween!

If you have a tumblr, you should definitely check out my tumblr page today - you might be in for a treat!


Important info regarding my wool fabric patterns!

I just found out that all of the patterns I created with Delphy's Pattern Packager are not working as sims3packs! I could cry right now. I spent sooo much time on those! I don't want to recreate all of them. I am trying to find a solution to rebuild the sims3packs, but for now, there are only packages available. If you already downloaded the sims3packs, please delete them- most of them won't show up in your game. I'm very sorry about that!


Warm and fuzzy patterns!

Patterns *yawn* - Yes,  I know what you're thinking right now. But...


Please don't just skip this post. Read what I have to say!


 If you're like me, whenever I see a new pattern pack for download I think "Not again, another random pattern pack- and I bet it's non-recolorable and made with the EA pattern tool so I can't even transform it into packages". The worst thing is, most people don't even say if they are recolorable or not or with what tools they are made. Many do not have screenshots of the patterns "in action" so you are left alone guessing the quality from the small thumbnails or trying them out and getting frustrated if they look bad in-game.


I can understand if people just don't care about patterns anymore.


I was often disappointed by patterns that looked beautiful in the preview but were just useless in game.

I just can't stand all those "fake" patterns anymore that are non-recolorable and sometimes even don't tile seamlessly. Many people don't put much effort  into pattern-making, there are a lot of beautiful patterns out there that could be made recolorable but are not.


BUT you can do so much with properly recolorable patterns!

I rather have a few recolorable ones than tons of non-recolorable ones.


Actually, patterns were the first things I created for the Sims 3. I have created a lot of patterns since then and mostly use my own now instead of the EA ones.

Now, I decided to share more of them with you.

This is not just another random pattern pack. I put a lot of effort into them, making them tileable and recolorable and went through great lenghts to create beautiful preview screenshots and marking them so you can see which pattern is used in my recolorable sample screenshots (I'm really thankful now that Photoshop allows to make folders for the layers. I had about 200 different layers and had to sort through all pattern thumbnails for each screenshot *phew*).

I really hope you appreciate my patterns :)

My patterns are all recolorable and available in both sims3pack and package format. They are made using the TSR Workhsop pattern tool and Delphy's Pattern Packager (I just recently found out that Pattern Packager can create sims3packs, so no more Workshop Pattern tool for me ;) ).

I made several pattern packs so stay tuned for more!


Now to the goodies!

I brought you my Wool Fabric Pattern Collection!

This pattern pack contains wool and knit patterns to keep your sims cozy and warm during the cold seasons!

There are 60 patterns included and most of them come in different sizes- should be something there for every taste :)


Download here!




Ankle Boot "Amy" now downloadable!

Since my ankle boots will not be featured on Ace Creators (maybe I will be one of the winners next time), you can get them here now :)

Thanks to everyone who voted for me :) This is for you!


Download page


Ace Creators Finalist Voting

I haven't written anything in quite a while, I was very busy teaching a friend how to mesh and I was trying out object creation myself. I am working on my first object mesh set but it may take a while ;)

Also thanks to those wo filled out my poll, most of you would like to see some clothes for kids and toddlers. I'm on it :)


I also applied for the opening at Ace Creators. I have always wanted to be a part of them since they launched their site! So I took the chance. And  I was chosen as one of five finalists! Thank you Juliana, Anubis, Daluved1  and Elexis! *dances happily*


The voting is now open and you can vote until september 27. I must say that the competition is tough, the creations are all beautiful!

I chose to submit a shoe mesh and not a mini dress mesh, because I think they start to look very similar (everyone is creating mini dresses nowadays) and I wanted to create something different that you will hopefully enjoy as much as I do :)

If I win, you will be able to download my ankle boot "Amy" as my first creation at Ace Creators.

To make that happen, I need your vote!


You can view the finalists and vote here!


Thank you :)


And here is a picture of the boots! If you want to see more pictures, visit the Ace Creators site.


Stylish Comfort Jeans now as a set at MTS

I converted my Stylish Comfort Destroyed Jeans for teens and elders and made additional plain versions for them.

I made the set especially for the upload at Modthesims and I was overjoyed that it was approved in less than 12 hours! Thanks, MTS Staff :)


You can download it here.






Ideas for new creations

I am interested in what you would like to see me create more of.

I made two forms to collect your input, one general where you can specify what you like to see more of


I made two forms, one general one to see what you would like to see more of and one where you can submit a specific custom content idea.

Note: This is not a request form! This will only be inspirational to me and I give no guarantee to ever make something that you suggested! But it may happen ;)



Your submissions will be sent to my email, they will not be publicly displayed.




What type of creation should I make more often?

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Your custom content idea

If you have a specific idea in mind, you can use this form to submit it. Note that I will not promise to ever create your idea, it is not a request form, it will be used by me mainly for inspiration.

Please enter the code:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


New creation: Stylish Comfort Destroyed Jeans for females

I love jeans and with the Diesel Stuffpacks we got some cool meshes and textures. I edited one of the meshes and customized the texture and voilà, the Stylish Comfort Destroyed Jeans was born!


More infos and download here


If you like it, please leave a comment :)

front view of the jeans

English Tutorial: Drawing folds on a texture

By request, I wrote a tutorial on how to draw folds. It is one of the things that is often said to be very hard or complicated. Well, it actually isn't true, at least with my method.

I will teach you my folds technique here - you will learn to create folds on a dress.


The really hard part is the correct placement and shape of some folds, in t-shirts or on arms etc.

You can only learn this by studying folds on clothes  - how they look, if they are deep or soft, wide or narrow long, curvy, straight...

You have to observe a lot to make good textures.


With that said, on to the tutorial!

You need Photoshop for it.

You can download it here.


Burlesque Pose Pack

As a gift for my 100 followers on tumblr, I uploaded this pose pack containing 11 burlesque-themed poses.

You can download them at my tumblr!


New Download: Bikini Swimdress for Females

Want to look hot but keep cool in the pool? Try this bikini swimdress with transparent area that shows off your belly!


Download here


NFA finals! Vote now!

It's time to vote one last time for the Next Fashion Artist!


It was nice to do a male outfit for a change and I made a matching outfit for females.

Not only males can wear suits - now your ladies can wear a feminine version of the pantsuit! Featuring an embroidered seam, the pants are playful yet professional. The top (also looking fabulous with patterns) features elegant folds and a blazer that closes with one embellished button. Zoom in really close ingame to see it ;)

Your males can show off their style with a polo-shirt worn under an open jacket. Bold stitches catch the eye and give that little extra detail. You decide if they contrast or blend into the background - everything is recolorable!

Weather worn to work (career-enabled) with Jeans (as everyday) or for the next big social event (formalwear), your sims will always look chic :)




S3C Model Contest - Winners


So... I won! It was a really close call, only one vote decided.



You haven't seen my photos from the finale yet, I forgot to post them here, so here you go:


You can see all my S3C contest pictures in my photobucket album.


The award ceremony can be viewed here and here in the hall of fame.


NFA voting for semi-finale now open!

Hi, I would really appreciate your vote for the NFA contest! Every download and every vote counts. Thanks!


This is what you'll from me:




This makes me sad...

I recently found one of my downloads reuploaded on a filesharing service. (I do not allow reuploading of my files). I tracked it back to a russian site,, that make a habit of stealing creator's items, posting their site logo over the pictures, giving no link to a website and distributing the files to several filesharing services. I was shocked and angry and proceeded to write a complaint. They say that no one is allowed to share files fomr TSR (haha, so they are scared by them) but apparently it is okay to steal from everyone else. They do have an email address where you can write issues regarding copyright but- well, the email adress seems to not exist (mailer demon)! So I wrote several pm's to the admins and did not get any response so far. Today, I wrote anew and translated my English sentences into Russian, I really hope they will understand that I want my links to be removed.

You can see what I they did to my Moccassins  here.


I just don't understand why they have to steal free stuff that is freely available anyways :(

You don't even have to register anywhere to get my downloads.


With things like this happening, you really think twice if you should continue sharing your creations...


S3C Modeling Contest: shootings three and four

I was a bit lazy with posting about the S3C Modeling contest, so you get to see three pictures! The first one is from the third shooting, the other two are from the fourth, which is the semi-finale.

Voting on the semi-finale starts in a few days, so check back later to view the images of the other contestants :)


This is the picture for the third shooting. Check out my tumblr page to find out what it is about (english). You can read the matching story to the picture in German here.

Shooting 3




My two pictures for the semi-finale.

The first one was with a pre-defined male partner, a shooting on the beach.


Shooting 4 Beach



The second one had an underwater-theme, the model had to be completely under water.


The Mermaid tail is by TSims3c1d, he made it with the help of Marvine and Bloomsbase.

The Coral hair accessories are by Luluke from Gamesir.

The Shell Bra was handmade made by Erica.

The hair is by Monster David (I tweaked it in Photoshop)


New Download: Cutoff Lace Gloves for females

I have something to download for you today! I don't have much time between creating clothes and pictures for my two contests I'm currently participating in, but I wanted to have a nice accessory to go with my elegant corset dress I made for the NFA contest.


I also have a new picture for the S3C Contest! There is a story that goes with it, on my tumblr you can read an abridged version in english, otherwise read the full story in German here. You can also vote for me. Thanks!



For the lace gloves, click on the image to go to the download page!




NFA Contest- Second Round

The voting for the second round has begun!

You can download my dress and comment and vote for me on the Next Fashion Artist blog.



Corset Evening Gown recolor
Corset Evening Gown

New Dress! NFA-Contest

Hello :)

I'm proud to announce my first dress for the Next Fashion Artist contest hosted by Prada Sims and Augusto Studio! You can  support meb y downloading my dress, commenting and voting for me here!

Thanks :)


S3C Modeling Contest: Shooting Two

For the second shooting, our models had to "play with fire". A really challenging theme! But definitely a lot of fun.

If you're interested in the contest, check the  Sims 3 Community forums here.

My picture tells the story of a witch who is supposed to burn on the pyre, but being a witch, she knows how to defend herself...

This is my picture:

Nora plays with fire

S3C Modeling Contest- Shooting One


I just wanted to show you this, my model is getting famous ;)

You can vote for her here (German/English forum)


New mesh: moccasins for young adult and adult females

I've got a new shoe mesh for you! This project started as a request on the Sims 3 Community forums.


 I give you soft and comfy moccasins for your female Simmies!


Download here




Participation in the S3C Model Contest



It's been a while since I posted anything Sim-related, I have been doing a lot of stuff but didn't upload anything yet (but it's in preparation).


I wanted to show you my entries for the Sims 3 Community Forum model contest.

You can view my Post here, and view my Photobucket Album to see all my entries (I will be updating the album as the contest goes along).


My participating model is called Nora Tshereva, she's a delicate Beauty, you might have seen her on my website before:



New Download: Glow! Lipstick for both genders, teen to elder

A dewy lipstick for your Simmies!

Wearable by both genders, from teen to elder. Adjustable shine.

Click on the picture to go to the download page.


Please leave a comment :)

Simlicious Glow! Lipstick

New Download: ZipUp! Denim Jacket for teen to elder females

ZipUp! Denim Jacket
click on the image to go to the download page.

I'm a pro!

I have been thinking about going pro with my jimdo site, it does have advantages :) but I hesitated  because of the price. Now, they had a special birthday offer, 25% off a one-year membership and now I'm a pro ;)

To celebrate, I put in new fonts. I hope you like them!


If you happen to have too much money or want to make me really happy, you can help maintain my site by donating to me using my fancy donate button here:


My website is now on the socialsims toplist!

you can check it out, comment and rate it by clicking on my banner:



Show me how you use my custom content!

Hey, I'd like to know how you use my custom content!

If you have a tumblr blog, visit my tumblr and show me your pics or videos featuring my custom content!

You can also post links here in the comments  :)


New Download: Vampire Glow Contacts

Today I have contact lenses especially created for vampires!

Download here

Vampire Glow Contacts

New Facebook Page

I have my own Facebook page now, if you like my stuff, become a fan :)


By the way, due to excessive spamming despite enabled captcha, I decided to moderate my comments here on my site. You won't see them right away, I have to confirm them first. But please don't let that keep you from commenting, I love comments!


Wood pattern pack

I have a huge new pattern set for you: 20 wood patterns (technically a lot more than 20, because most of them come in horizontal and vertical versions!) All have proper channels, are fully recolorable and tile nicely. Enjoy!






My first pattern pack- knitted patterns!

I finally found the courage to put together a pattern pack for you to download! I'm very excited to share it with you. I love knits, I hope your Sims do, too!

Here is a preview of the patterns. To download and see more pictures, klick here.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment ;)







Finally, Jimdo has a column functionality. I adjusted my site accordingly and now it is even prettier to look at :) having images next to the text instead of images under the text really makes a difference!


new design elements

I adorned my site with some of my lovely sims. They are scattered throughout my whole website. Browse through everything to find them all. Enjoy!


New Screenshots

Hello, I have news! I updated my gallery, you'll find many of my current or recently finished custom content projects and some screenshots from rooms or funny pictures of my sims. I hope you enjoy browsing through them!

I d' love a comment or a guest book entry, btw :)


Second German pattern tutorial

I have news, I have been busy creating yet another German pattern tutorial!

It will teach you how to make patterns that use half-transparent channels to create mixed colors that can be used to create photorealistic patterns, such as wood floors etc.

I always appreciate feedback!

You can download my tutorials here.





New German pattern tutorial

I wrote a  German pattern tutorial! My tutorial explains how to create a four-channel pattern.


Otherwise, I am still working on my website to fill it with content and improve the design.

I am curious what you'll think of the tutorial and my website and I appreciate comments, you can write either in English or German (or even both)  :) 



My new website

Dear Sims fans,

Since Jimdo is very easy to use and offers a great free website, where a blog function is already included, I  just had to get one :)

Big thanks to Galadrielh, who recommended to use Jimdo!


On this website, I'm going to focus on the pc-game the Sims 3. You'll see pictures of my Sims, houses, families, custom content I am working on... and I plan on uploading my stuff, too! I have a lot of stuff lying around, but since I have very high standards and am a perfectionist, most of the stuff is not "perfect" enough for me to release them. You'll have to be patient with me :)

I do have an account at ModTheSims, you can check it out if you like. So far, I have one upload! Yay :D


I hope you enjoy browsing through my new site!