Suede Boots with Plumbbob Chains

These skin-hugging, soft leather boots with an eyecatching chain will draw all eyes on your sims!
Endless recoloring options! No stretching of the patterns.
Note that these are high-poly, roughly double the polygon count of other EA shoes (under 10k though), so use with caution. They are not valid for random to minimize performance impact, though.
There may be some clipping with some pants and skirts and when the legs get extremly bent. A big thanks goes to Aikea-Guinea, who gave me useful information on how to minimize my particular clipping issues.





  • custom mesh
  • morphs and LODs included
  • wearable by (young) adult females
  • categories:  everyday, formalwear, makeover, outerwear and career
  • not valid for random
  • four recolorable areas, different mask styles
  • detailed texture
  • polycount:
    High LOD 4986 vertices, 9216 faces (HIGH POLY)
    Medium LOD 393 vertices, 440 faces
    Low LOD 196 vertices, 178 faces

Download below - sims3pack and package all in one zip file.

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