My new website

Dear Sims fans,

Since Jimdo is very easy to use and offers a great free website, where a blog function is already included, I  just had to get one :)

Big thanks to Galadrielh, who recommended to use Jimdo!


On this website, I'm going to focus on the pc-game the Sims 3. You'll see pictures of my Sims, houses, families, custom content I am working on... and I plan on uploading my stuff, too! I have a lot of stuff lying around, but since I have very high standards and am a perfectionist, most of the stuff is not "perfect" enough for me to release them. You'll have to be patient with me :)

I do have an account at ModTheSims, you can check it out if you like. So far, I have one upload! Yay :D


I hope you enjoy browsing through my new site!



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