Cropped Patchwork Jeans

Loose fashion is all the rage again! That means comfy clothes are stylish- aww yeah!
These cropped jeans are wonderfully relaxed and the patches are customizable and eye-catching.

Styling advice: to avoid looking sloppy, pair them with heels and either a cropped or skin-hugging top.



  • wearable by (young) adult females
  • custom mesh with proper LODs
  • morphs include pregnant morph
  • EAxis match texture
  • four recolorable channels (one for the jeans fabric, three for the patches)
  • four different button color overlays
  • categories: everyday, career, valid for maternity, valid for random

Croped Patchwork Jeans image 1
Croped Patchwork Jeans image 2
Croped Patchwork Jeans image 3




Download package and sims3pack versions in one zip file:



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