Moar Custom Content!

Maybe some of you know that I have a tumblr account. I post news, works in progress and other stuff there, so if you're interested then go and follow me!
If you don't have a tumblr, you can still read my tumblr feed that is available on my website under the news category.


Another good reason to follow my tumblr is that I post exclusive downloads there!

They are only available through tumblr and are not uploaded anywhere else.

I have some stuff there that I don't create regularly - poses, contacts, even objects. So check them out :)


On a side note, my birthday is coming up (it's the 22nd) and if you like, you can give me a small gift by making a donation! I still need money to pay for the servers/subscription. So far, I have received one third of the costs  (40 more euros to go) and it's due in three weeks.
That would make me very happy :)

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