Donation Drive 2014

Donation Drive for my website

It's that time of the year again - the money for my website is due! If you would like to help me pay the costs (60 euros), please take a look at my donate button at my website.
You can also just click at the picture to go directly to paypal :)

Why am I asking for donations?

I have a website subscription at jimdo. It has a great CMS and I get my own .com url ( There are no advertisements (yay) and some great customization options.
I have big plans with my site (haven't updated it in a long time), although it may take a while to implement them.
I have not and will not use adfly links. I think they are very annoying and in some instances dangerous and by clicking, you are generating money for that person, if you want to or not. It gets abused in so many ways, many don't even warn you/say that they use adfly and you never know how much money they are gaining this way.
I ask for donations so you can decide how much and when you want to give. The donate button is there year-round (maybe too hidden), but I only advertise it once a year.

The goal is to raise 60 euros.
Last year, I raised 1/3 of the costs and was very happy about it too :)

Thanks for considering a donation this year. No matter how small the amount, I am grateful for every cent!
If you can't donate, spreading the word helps too!

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