Annual Fundraiser

Why ask for donations?

My website is not free. My web hoster has increased the prices by 80%, from 60 € annually to 108 €! I need your support more than ever.
If I were to stop paying the website, I would lose my short URL and all links to my creations would be broken. Also, you would start to see ads on this site. Since I use a heavily edited custom template, there is a big chance that my website will be broken, as I am not sure custom templates are still supported in the free model that my web hoster provides. In short, I really, really do not want this to happen!

I would much rather keep this site alive instead of having to spend time refreshing my website building skills and design a new website, while also being showered with wcif's due to tons of broken urls. Also, there are so many wonderful comments all over my site that you left there for me to read, and they still bring so much joy to me and motivate me to create more! I would hate to see all that history go away.

What is in it for you?
For starters, an ad-free site with easy access to all my custom content creations. You can use an easy-to-memorize URL. Furthermore, you can click any third-party link on CC finds sites that link directly to my site. Finally, you help me to maintain my website and I can focus on creating new custom content!


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