Hexagon Mosaic Pattern Set

This is a labor of love! I found an image of a a very old (100+ years) really pretty tile design and converted it into Sims 3 patterns.
This is not a regular collection with lots of different patterns, but a small, specialized set! 9 Patterns that form a floor mosaic design.



  • all patterns are properly recolorable!

  • all patterns tile seamlessly.

  • Note that the floor tiles appear to be a bit "glitchy" sometimes and a thin line will form along the floor tile edge (as you can also see in the preview image, it is a thin horizontal line on the floor between the toilet and the sink and in the detailed image at the bottom). This is not per se the pattern's fault. It seems like a uvmap issue with the floor tile, making the orange color bleed through on some tiles. The pattern is designed in a way that makes this problem noticeable (I tried several things to fix it, but no luck so far), but it is really faint and not so bad in-game. But I wanted to mention it anyway.

  • There are four corner pieces, four side pieces and a middle piece to create a flawless floor mosaic. On other surfaces, you can use the vertical/horizontal side pieces and the center piece to get an allover or striped border look as shown on the walls.
  • all patterns appear in the "tile" category

  • preview PNGs included so you can easily differentiate between the patterns
  • patterns are made with the TSR Workshop Pattern Tool and are therefore available in sims3pack and package format.
pattern pieces (approximate division lines)
pattern pieces (approximate division lines)
faint color bleedthrough on floor edges
faint color bleedthrough on floor edges

The download includes package files, sims3packs, png previews and the promo image all in one zip file.

Comments: 2
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    Simlicious (Monday, 28 February 2022 03:59)

    Hi William, thanks for the interest in my hexagon tile set! 8 of the patterns have 4 channels, only the center pattern has 3 (it does not have any piece of the border in it) �

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    William Hendrey (Tuesday, 15 February 2022 22:51)

    I have a question about these patterns: "How many recolorable channels does each pattern in this set have?"