A Simlicious Advent 2021

This is a collection of my Advent Calendar goodies from 2021.
It includes patterns, a dress and an accessory scarf!



  • fully recolorable
  • some patterns include custom speculars, which are only available in the package version! This is valid for the Glittery Stars Wrapping Paper pattern and the Christmas Star Parquet.
  • categories vary, but most of them are in the themed and fabric categories!

Separated Long Scarf is Long
I separated this scarf from the Sims store item Long Scarf is Long. Now you do not have to wear a scarf with a long pullover/dress, you can wear the scarf with anything you like!


  • colorblock
  • morphs, including pregnancy morphs
  • wearable by teen, adult and elder female sims
  • categories: outerwear, everyday, formal, athletic, sleep, maternity

Important: Accessory morphs were only added later and not in the basegame, this means that this CC is not basegame compatible, but needs the Generations EP to work!

It was quite tricky to get the morphs right and it still might have a bit of clipping. If you notice something really odd, please tell me so I can attempt to fix any issues.


Canal Street Blues Dress

I overhauled this pretty 1920's inspired Sims store dress.
I made the folds really stand out so you can use patterns on them as well or choose darker colors, which look stunning! The matte version has a different texture too, the folds are a bit less contrasting.

The original dress is not needed, this is a standalone version.



  • texture edit: more pronounced folds
  • mask edit: prettier gradient/fade
  • recolorable rhinestones!
  • 3 different speculars, matte, light sheen, shiny
  • added a pregnancy morph
  • proper LODs
  • the dress is for adult females
  • categories: everyday, formal, career, maternity


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